Cyber-crime & Breach Investigation Support

Today information technology becomes part of our life. But, the same is being used by perpetrators for affecting us economically, mentally and by diminishing our reputation. When such perpetrator commits an incident, breach or crime, the complexity of managing the investigation is increased exponentially. This complexity may affect a fruitful result against such breach or offences, if the investigation is not managed properly and in accordance with law in force. Ekanta provides investigation support services to organizations and individuals to handle cybercrimes and privacy & security incident or breach seamlessly. Our support does not only include gathering, handling, analysing, interpreting evidences and responding incidents and breaches, but we also assist organization in building its capabilities by developing incident and breach response program and training and making aware their workforce in this regards.


  • Investigation of Cyber Crime
  • Investigation of Privacy & Security incident and breach
  • Incident Response Management
  • Log Analysis and Interpretation
  • Evidence Handling and Interpretation
  • Impact Assessment
  • Cyber Forensic Assessment
  • Training and Awareness
  • Litigation Support

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